[sane-devel] LiDE40 support description file

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org
Mon May 3 20:14:52 UTC 2010

CCing sane-devel, as i don't really know the policy for the last item.

Gernot Hassenpflug schrieb:
> Hello Pierre,
> I attach the diff for the genesys doc/description/genesys.desc where I
> added the LiDE40 as "good" (change from "untested").

When sending patches, please use git format-patch, git diff or diff -u,
if applicable, the earlier ones prefered over the later ones. When using
the git variants, make sure git knows the right e-mail address. I will
apply this one manually.

> I am not sure what the condition is that it becomes "complete", as far
> as I could tell it performed all the scans well: B/W, gray, color, as
> far as Xsane can do.

complete means all features of the scanner are supported. I am currently
unsure to what extent this is true for the LiDE 40 etc. scanners.

> I am also not sure if I should send the diff to you or to Stef, or someone else.

I think the best is to send them to the list so all of the potentially
interested parties can have a look at them. If the patches are good,
they will probably get picked up by someone.


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