[sane-devel] Epson Artisan 710 support

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri May 14 05:33:11 UTC 2010

>> Thank you for writing.  I'd love to be able to fix this.  Is "Image
>> Scan!" synonymous with the epkowa backend?
> Image Scan! is a frontend for exclusive use with the epkowa backend. It is
> developed in tandem with the epkowa backend and available on the Avasys
> website [1].
>> You mention image processing.  Does that mean I should be able to fix it
>> by way of configuration somehow?
> That depends on the frontend you are using. With Image Scan! there is no way
> to configure the image processing directly. However, you can influence it
> indirectly by adjusting various settings available in the UI. One such
> setting is the "Image Type" setting. I don't know about xsane.
>> xsane is my frontend.  Could that have anything to do with it?
> It's certainly possible. You could try using Image Scan! and/or scanimage to
> see if you get different results.

I tried a few different frontends including Image Scan and they all
produced the same horizontal lines.  Increasing the scan resolution
from 300dpi to 600dpi prevents the lines from appearing, but Image
Scan is the only frontend I've found that makes 600dpi available.
xsane and xscanimage both make 600dpi available on the Y axis, but the
available X axis resolutions jump from 300dpi to 1200dpi.  The problem
with Image Scan is it doesn't seem to have proper correlation between
the preview UI selector borders and the resulting scanned image.  It
also doesn't seem to allow the disabling of image processing.

Is there any way to try the epson2 backend's Artisan 700 support with
my Artisan 710?  epson2 doesn't support the 710 yet.  Maybe there's a
way to alter the scanner's USB device ID as it's presented to SANE?

- Grant

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