[sane-devel] support for Canon MG8150

Ralph Gauges ralph.gauges at bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Nov 1 10:40:59 UTC 2010

Hi Gernot,

I did what you suggested and I do have a log file with debug output 
which is rather long.
Should I really send this to the list? And if yes, should I add the log 
file as an attachment or should I include the log output in the mail itself?

I also noticed that the scanner is accesses as long as the usblp and the 
usb_storage kernel modules are loaded.
As soon as I remove either one, scanimage -T gets a timeout when 
accessing the device. I don't know if that is significant.



On 10/31/10 11:36 PM, Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 4:41 AM,
> <ralph.gauges at bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de>  wrote:
>> I tried to use the device over ethernet and this seems to work better:
>> Quoting Gernot Hassenpflug<aikishugyo at gmail.com>:
>>> On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 2:19 AM,
>>> <ralph.gauges at bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de>  wrote:
>> Now I fixed the ids again and the device is recognized as an MG8100 device
>> over USB as well, but I still get the I/O error.
>> So right now, scanning over ethernet works, but over USB it doesn't work
>> yet.
>> Since the driver seems to be able to talk to the device, this is likely
>> something small.
>> What can I do to track down the USB problem and what tests can I run to make
>> sure the device works as expected? Is there a standard set of tests to run?
> Hi,
> Great to hear that the device works at least over ethernet. I am
> afraid I do not know (yet) how to solve USB issues, perhaps you can
> activate the sane USB debug environment variables (see the various
> sane-* man pages, "apropos" should show you them) and send the output
> of that when you try sane as root (maybe better than sudo for this
> test).
> Regards,
> Gernot

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