[sane-devel] Detect scan button on ScanSnap S1500 (sane-fujitsu backend)

Mikael Nordenberg mikael at ikanos.se
Sat Nov 6 16:57:28 UTC 2010

Thanks for the prompt reply.

It was my error that it didn't respond correctly, and I got it working with
saned using the network protocol.
Works fine now and on my way to make my scanner more useful! :-)


 > Is this model not supported when detecting buttons, or am I doing
> something
> > completely wrong?
> Fortunately, it's the latter. Scanimage is not smart enough to monitor
> the buttons exposed by the driver and perform an action when they are
> pressed. Instead, you need a daemon which does this. There are a
> couple of them in our old 'experimental' cvs tree, but they are not
> widely used. One of these days someone will come forward with enough
> time to make one of these a more permanent addition to the
> sane-backends package.
> allan
> --
> "The truth is an offense, but not a sin"
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