[sane-devel] patch

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Sun Nov 28 13:05:48 UTC 2010

Le Tuesday 23 November 2010 02:35:25 ToHo at gmx.de, vous avez écrit :
> Sorry for my mails from toho at gmx.net I sometimes forget to change the
> outgoing address.
> I send to you this patch i created with git.
> What works for my X74 with this:
> 75 dpi colour, grey (here shading must be done manually)
> 150 dpi colour, grey
> 300 dpi colour, grey
> 600 dpi grey
> There is a possibility that I made some logical mistake for the other
> scanners, although I tried to put a if(scanner==X74) where necessary and
> double checked that the switch() instructions I applied didn't change any
> registers for the other scanners.
> I will take my files with me. But I won't have my scanner around for the
> next few weeks, so I can't test any corrections.
> Best regards,
> Torsten Houwaart

	I have went through all the deltas. It is a very interesting patch. I 
think there are a couple of things to polish before committing it. 
First when compiling I have the following errors:

In file included from lexmark_low.c:52:
lexmark_models.c:55: warning: missing initializer
lexmark_models.c:55: warning: (near initialization for 
lexmark_low.c: In function 'sanei_lexmark_low_calibration':
lexmark_low.c:5946: warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code

	You should also add your name to the copyright notice for X74 support 
addition. And last, to fix some indenting deltas, you should run 'indent' on 
the modified file since this backend is formatted that way.
	It would a perfect patch if you could find the time to update the man 
page and lexmark.desc file.

	Are you considering getting a login on alioth ?


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