[sane-devel] CanoScan 5600F

urki at anapnea.net urki at anapnea.net
Mon Dec 5 20:24:36 UTC 2011

I have one of those, but again, I'm no driver writer. I'm willing to do
any testing however. Haven't got any kind of windows, though, sorry.

On Wed Sep 14 13:44:23 UTC 2011, <stef> stef.dev at free.fr wrote:
>Hello, since it is a CCD based scanner, it is far too different from the
>gl847 scanners I have to let me work on it. So I need one to be able to
>add support for this model in the genesys backend. Another way would be
>to have someone owning this model stepping up to the task.
>Regards, Stef

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