[sane-devel] Adding 700F/5600F to the gensys backend

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Tue Jan 4 19:18:39 UTC 2011

Le Friday 31 December 2010 13:36:20 Stefan Larsson, vous avez écrit :
> Thank you for the information.
> I have extracted some information but it is a bit unclear how to proceed. I
> need to be able to isolate which portions are doing what. How do you
> usually perform the analysis in an efficient manner?  Since I am totally
> unfamiliar with the protocol I am not sure how to start finding the
> appropriate information.
> All the files are present in the attached file. Check readme.txt for
> further information.
> I also contacted Canon Sweden to ask for any technical information or a
> contact person which may simplify things. The support issue just got
> escalated to another department. We will see what that could give.
> /Stefan

	the decoded windows log seems to be missing the first URB when scanner is 
plugged. Important things happen then. You should logged it at least once. It 
helps determining the memory layout, the initial reigster set and the starting 
	Try to record it, then the first step you could try is to adjust the 
registers for the memory layout. There is a table 'layouts' in genesys_gl847.h 
where you should tune registers d0-d2, e0-e7 based on the value you'll find in 
the decoded log.
	The next step would be the GPIO, the registers to look are used in 
gl847_init_pio(), have special care for REG6C occurences.


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