[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 8270 / Avision backend / ok but strange issue

Mike Kelly mike at piratehaven.org
Sat Jan 8 02:08:59 UTC 2011


That's great news, I've been hoping for a report on this scanner.  I'm  
glad to hear that it works.  The only outstanding issue might be high  
resolution scans.  Could you run a high resolution scan test?

env SANE_DEBUG_AVISION=7 scanimage --resolution=4800 2> debug.log >  

and send me the debug.log file?

As for having to run as root, it sounds like a permissions issue with  
the udev system.  Probably, when the scanner is connected, the device  
file is not given normal scanner permissions because it is not  
associated with scanning in the config files.  I must confess that  
I've never had to mess with this stuff, but there are others on the  
list who have.  This should be easy to fix.  In fact, I believe that  
there is a file in the source tree which helps udev configure  
scanners, so you might need to install that.


On Jan 7, 2011, at 23:44, Olivier Crouzet <olivier.crouzet at univ-nantes.fr 
 > wrote:

> Dear all,
> I've just received this HP Scanjet 8270 (ADF) scanner two days ago and
> I'm in the process of getting it working with my Debian Testing
> workstation.
> As this scanner needs the latest version of the avision backend, I've
> recompiled the libsane-backends Debian package after having replaced
> the avision.* files in the source as stated on the avision backend web
> page. I've now reinstalled the package and the scanner works almost
> flawlessly for what I've tried up to now (ADF works, gray / color no
> issue).
> However, though I own another old Epson scanner which I can use as a
> regular user, It seems I can only use the new HP as root... No need to
> say I'm a member of the "scanner" group... I've tried to locate  
> various
> information concerning the possibility of specifying users permissions
> for usb devices but all the information I can find seems to concern  
> old
> kernels / udev... systems... Is it possible that it is related to the
> backend itself ???
> Any hint ? I haven't recompiled the whole of sane (only the backends),
> is it a possible source of this issue ?
> Thanks anyway for the development of the avision backend.
> Olivier.
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