[sane-devel] HP ScanJet 4400c scanner

Albert Pool albertpool at solcon.nl
Thu Jan 20 16:43:29 UTC 2011


I've found an error in the RTS8891 backend.

File rts8891_devices.c
  47 static Rts8891_Model hp4400c_model = {
  48   "HP4400c",                    /* Name */
  49   "Hewlett-Packard",            /* Device vendor string */
  50   "4400c",                      /* Device model name */
 100   /* button names */
 101   { "copy", "mail", "image-copy", "scan", "power"},
 103   /* button titles */
 104   { "copy", "mail", "image copy", "scan", "power"},

The 4400c scanner does not have these buttons. It has these: Scan, Copy,
Mail, Plus, Minus (to select number of copies using the copy button),
Toggle mode (grayscale/color). It lacks a power button, the lamp is
disabled by itself after some minutes and put back on when starting a

If anyone needs testing with this scanner, I'm having one. I do also
have the Scanjet 3970 and 4300c, which I haven't yet tested with Linux.

Albert Pool

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