[sane-devel] VEHO film scanner test application started

Jorge Alzate jorgalfonso at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 8 01:05:54 UTC 2011

I got a VuPoint FS-C1-VP-BX2 and I would like to help, however I don't know to
code very well and I am a Linux noob, but if you need a tester count with me.

> > lsusb returns:
> > ID 05a9:1550 OmniVision Technologies, Inc. VEHO Filmscanner

The mine gives the same output.

> Which makes me think that these are settings that need to be set on the
>camera (by your software?) Any use?

That is a very important one and I wonder if it could be implemented in xsane.
In the windows app included in the cd (ArcSoft Photoimpresion in my case).

According to the manual, you should always calibrate first the white balance
before start the converting process, this is done with the negatives/slide tray
outside of the scanner and with a special dialog from the app.

> Strangely, the ".SET" comments also seem to include settings for treating it
>as a video camera. Puzzled? 

Thats right. Even Windows at the first connection detects the VuPoint as a 5Mpx
camera, but after the driver install, it becomes "OVT Scanner"

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