[sane-devel] VEHO film scanner test application started

Glenn Howald glenn.howald at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 05:59:41 UTC 2011

On 7/7/2011 6:05 PM, Jorge Alzate wrote:
> I got a VuPoint FS-C1-VP-BX2 and I would like to help, however I don't know to
> code very well and I am a Linux noob, but if you need a tester count with me.
>>> lsusb returns:
>>> ID 05a9:1550 OmniVision Technologies, Inc. VEHO Filmscanner
> The mine gives the same output.
>> 7660APLWb="CameraSetting\SupportCamera\7660APL\DeviceProperties\VideoProcAmp\
>> WhiteBalance""
>> Which makes me think that these are settings that need to be set on the
>> camera (by your software?) Any use?
> That is a very important one and I wonder if it could be implemented in xsane.
> In the windows app included in the cd (ArcSoft Photoimpresion in my case).
> According to the manual, you should always calibrate first the white balance
> before start the converting process, this is done with the negatives/slide tray
> outside of the scanner and with a special dialog from the app.
>> Strangely, the ".SET" comments also seem to include settings for treating it
>> as a video camera. Puzzled?
> Thats right. Even Windows at the first connection detects the VuPoint as a 5Mpx
> camera, but after the driver install, it becomes "OVT Scanner"
I am confident I can get this to work (to some degree) with any SANE 
front-end (including xsane) now that I have a set of commands which work.

I am a little backed up on this project at the moment, but I hope to 
have something to share with alpha-testers within a week or two.

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