[sane-devel] CanoScan 700F

Brad Laue brad at brad-x.com
Mon Jul 11 11:45:25 UTC 2011

On 07/11/11 01:22, stef wrote:
> Le samedi 9 juillet 2011 13:22:55 Sebastian Reinhardt, vous avez écrit :
>> Am 26.05.2011 06:56, schrieb stef:
>>> 	Hello,
>>> 	I'm currently completing 2400/4800 dpi support for LiDE 200. I bug
>>> 	fixing
>>> a few things, so I haven't currently any time for the 700F. Maybe in
>>> about a month.
>>> Regards,
>>> 	Stef
>> Hi stef,
>> Do You have any free resources for continuing with this driver project?
> 	Hello,
> 	I'll have time to look at it after my holidays. However, since most of
> the develoment time is testing, and that I have no 700F at hand, I'm afraid
> this will take some time. You'll have to test the code changes I'll do, them
> send me back the tests logs.
> 	One thing you can right now do is to compile and test the latest genesys
> backend version to get a starting point. By using the appended script, you'll
> be able to run a compiled version without installing it (ie no 'make
> install'). It  outputs a rl.pnm and rl.log file. Please send them to me. The
> script has to be placed and run in the backend subdirectory of SANE's sources.
> 	Another thing is to record with usbsnoop a 4800 dpi scan done under
> windows. The Usbsnoop.log file will be huge but can be reduced by selecting a
> very small scan area. Compress it and send it (or post it somewhere) to me.
> Regards,
> 	Stef

I'm also available to test your changes on a 700F. I haven't got a 
native Windows install but I do connect the scanner to Virtualbox 
currently in order to use it - would Usbsnoop output be useful from 
that, or would the virtual machine introduce too many unknowns?

Will test with the attached script. Should we be testing using the 
latest source from SVN or the latest release, or both?

- Brad
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