[sane-devel] Multiple Scanner Support

Joel Penner featheredtar at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 23:53:03 UTC 2011

Hi. I'm currently using multiple scanners for a project where I have flowers
scanned a few times an hour to make videos of the desiccation process. I'm
currently in Germany where I've managed to get three scanners running off of
one iBook, but at home I have eight scanners strewn across multiple old
computers. My original idea was to have all the scanners running off of one
computer, but issues with drivers conflicting with each other in addition to
poorly programmed drivers which use over half of the CPU's resources while
scanning presented problems. I've been using the included software packages
where possible, and VueScan when not. I've experimented a bit with SANE. I
was wondering what people thought about the possibility of running multiple
scanners off of one computer. Does SANE support this? And I've been using
solely PPC Macs running either 10.4 or 10.5 so far.

You can find some videos of my project here:



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