[sane-devel] [OT?] discussion of front ends?

Werner Holtfreter Holtfreter at gmx.de
Thu Jul 14 13:25:51 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag, 14.07.2011 10:02:04 schrieb Johannes Meixner:

> > I need a format that will still be useful for decades into the
> > future.

> I mean that I cannot imagine a format (perhaps except plain ASCII
> text) where I am sure as of today that it will stay for decades
> into the future.

Could be, you are right. But PDF/A would created and standardised to 
long time archive! (To make it more complicated, it exist more than 
one version of PDF/A.)

I think, it would be enough to using a popular format like PDF/A 
because it will exist some programs to change to the next format in 
the future.

The next problem is to create a *correct* PDF/A. To make sure this, 
it exist some programs and online checker. It seems to be needed :-(

And a last question: I mean, it is enough to made one bit per pixel 
("lineart") for letters, but it exist examples for color scan in 
such cases - I don't know why:

Viele Grüße
Werner Holtfreter

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