[sane-devel] [OT?] discussion of front ends?

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Thu Jul 14 08:02:04 UTC 2011


an off-topic question

On Jul 13 13:55 D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote (excerpt):
> I want to do what I think is called "scan to archive".  I have way too
> many documents on paper and I'd like to capture them and discard the
> paper.
> I need a format that will still be useful for decades into the future.

Right off the bat I would say: Keep the paper.

I mean that I cannot imagine a format (perhaps except plain ASCII text)
where I am sure as of today that it will stay for decades into the future.

Furthermore there is the question to which extent others (in particular
administrative offices) would accept whatever kind of data format in
the same way as an original paper.

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