[sane-devel] Project front end

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Tue Jun 14 04:28:21 UTC 2011

Le mardi 14 juin 2011 03:16:46 Tiago Zaniquelli, vous avez écrit :
> Hello, thank you for the reply.
> But I need support and didn't need theses front ends.
> So i want to begin a project. But i never developer to application for
> linux.
> Can you help me? Exist documentation? Which tool you use to develop?
> Thank you
> Tiago Zaniquelli
> Em 09/06/2011 16:28, "Jeffrey Ratcliffe" <jeffrey.ratcliffe at gmail.com>
> escreveu:


	existing frontends may serve as documentation and inspiration. The sane 
standard document in the 'doc' subdirectory gives information on writing a 
	Regarding the tools to use you may choose:
	- a text editor and command line
	- eclipse CDT
	- KDE's kdevelop
	- gnome's anjuta


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