[sane-devel] Reflecta ProScan 7200

Michael Rickmann mrickma at gwdg.de
Wed Mar 30 16:51:13 UTC 2011

Am 07.02.2011 14:19, schrieb m. allan noah:
> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 6:37 AM, Michael Rickmann<mrickma at gwdg.de>  wrote:
>> I got a Reflecta USB film scanner to digitize my collection of old slides
>> and negatives.
> <snip>
> Some random thoughts:
> 1. SCSI over USB is a fairly common way for makers to upgrade their products.
> 2. Makers tend not to change protocols unless they absolutely must.
> 3. Improving and existing backend generally preferred over writing new ones...
> 4. ... unless the existing code is ugly or broken.
> So, I would first attempt to modify the PIE backend to know about USB
> scanners. You might be able to copy some of the gl6xx code. I actually
> prefer working with SCSI-based machines, they are the easiest.
> You will find SANE's support for infrared is quite lacking, however...
> allan
Thank you allan. Your thoughts seem to be rather precise. In the 
meantime I have tought the PIE backend a bit of USB - just enough to 
satisfy "scanimage -L" - and something happens. I added the scanner to 
the PIE configuration files. In addition to USB initialization, I 
USB-wrapped the SCSI commands READ, WRITE and INQUIRY. That was enough 
to have the backend identify the scanner, get halfones and calibration 
info. Under Windows the INQUIRY is done with different sizes and I have 
not spotted getting halfones or calibration in the Windows logs which I 
have. Nevertheless the scanner responds. The variable index field of the 
URBS which we see in the Windows snoops does not seem to have any deeper 
meaning. In my trials I set it zero. So there is hope.
If anybody is here who still knows the PIE backend, could you please 
have a look at 
and check whether the values which the backend assumes are probable. The 
other files in that directory are just for documentation or for somebody 
to take over when I slow down or give up.
@Jan Vleeshouwers
I got a private mail, and I think it was from you. When I wanted to 
answer I could not find it again, my apologies. I read your account on 
the logs which you have done. There is a lot of information. I guess it 
will take a while until we can reproduce that with SANE.

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