[sane-devel] Fedora 15epson2/scsi doesnt work but Fedora 11 - updated does

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Mon May 30 15:41:08 UTC 2011

CSI, Epson GT-30000 backend epson. A Epson 1640 via USB works

New box is a HP DL580G3, 4 CPUs, 24 GB  RAM, and both a LSI and Adatec
SCSI-320 cards.

In testing ive even moved Adpatec 2940UW and cable from the PC with
FC11 to the Server with FC15

Attached is the output from the epson backend

FC11's sane




first issue is there is no scanner in /etc/group (not in 11 either,
I'll hit fedora on that)

kernel finds the scanner

[    2.246018] scsi4 : ioc0: LSI53C1030 B2, FwRev=01013c00h, Ports=1,
MaxQ=255, IRQ=74
[    2.804838] scsi 4:0:1:0: Processor         EPSON    SCANNER
GT-30000 1.53 PQ: 0 ANSI: 2
[    2.804870] scsi target4:0:1: Beginning Domain Validation
[    2.830787] scsi target4:0:1: Domain Validation skipping write tests
[    2.830793] scsi target4:0:1: Ending Domain Validation
[    2.830870] scsi target4:0:1: FAST-20 SCSI 20.0 MB/s ST (50 ns,
offset 127) [another issue but not sane]
[    6.086769] scsi 4:0:1:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 3

it is the only device on the card

crw-------. 1 root root 21, 1 May 30 07:40 /dev/sg1

there is no scanner device, and mode is 600 not 660, not sane but just
wanted to mention it

changing the mode to 660

scanimage -L returns

device `epson2:/dev/sg1' is a Epson SCANNER GT-30000 flatbed scanner

epson2 is the same backend the FC11 PC used

scanimage --help -d epson2:/dev/sg1'

Options specific to device `epson2:/dev/sg1':
  Scan Mode:
    --mode Lineart|Gray|Color [Lineart]
        Selects the scan mode (e.g., lineart, monochrome, or color).
    --depth 8 [inactive]
        Number of bits per sample, typical values are 1 for "line-art" and 8
        for multibit scans.
    --halftoning None|Halftone A (Hard Tone)|Halftone B (Soft
Tone)|Halftone C (Net Screen)|Dither A (4x4 Bayer)|Dither B (4x4
Spiral)|Dither C (4x4 Net Screen)|Dither D (8x4 Net Screen)|Text
Enhanced Technology|Download pattern A|Download pattern B [Halftone A
(Hard Tone)]
        Selects the halftone.
    --dropout None|Red|Green|Blue [None]
        Selects the dropout.
    --brightness -4..3 [0]
        Selects the brightness.
    --sharpness -2..2 [0]

    --gamma-correction Default|User defined|High density printing|Low
density printing|High contrast printing [Default]
        Selects the gamma correction value from a list of pre-defined devices
        or the user defined table, which can be downloaded to the scanner
    --color-correction None|Built in CCT profile|User defined CCT
profile [Built in CCT profile]
        Sets the color correction table for the selected output device.
|1200|1600|1800|2400|4800|9600dpi [25]
        Sets the resolution of the scanned image.
    --threshold 0..255 [128]
        Select minimum-brightness to get a white point
    --mirror[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Mirror the image.
    --auto-area-segmentation[=(yes|no)] [yes]
        Enables different dithering modes in image and text areas
    --red-gamma-table 0..255,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table for the red band.
    --green-gamma-table 0..255,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table for the green band.
    --blue-gamma-table 0..255,... [inactive]
        Gamma-correction table for the blue band.
    --wait-for-button[=(yes|no)] [no]
        After sending the scan command, wait until the button on the scanner
        is pressed to actually start the scan process.
  Color correction:
    --cct-type Automatic|Reflective|Colour negatives|Monochrome
negatives|Colour positives [inactive]
        Color correction profile type
    --cct-profile -2..2,...
        Color correction profile data
    --preview[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Request a preview-quality scan.
    -l 0..297.18mm [0]
        Top-left x position of scan area.
    -t 0..431.8mm [0]
        Top-left y position of scan area.
    -x 0..297.18mm [297.18]
        Width of scan-area.
    -y 0..431.8mm [431.8]
        Height of scan-area.
  Optional equipment:
    --source Flatbed|Automatic Document Feeder [Flatbed]
        Selects the scan source (such as a document-feeder).
    --auto-eject[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Eject document after scanning
    --film-type Positive Film|Negative Film|Positive Slide|Negative
Slide [inactive]

    --focus-position Focus on glass|Focus 2.5mm above glass [inactive]
        Sets the focus position to either the glass or 2.5mm above the glass
    --bay 1|2|3|4|5|6 [inactive]
        Select bay to scan
    --eject []
        Eject the sheet in the ADF
    --adf-mode Simplex|Duplex [inactive]
        Selects the ADF mode (simplex/duplex)

no surprises

lets try to get a no-option image

# time scanimage > /tmp/image.pnm
[epson2] e2_ext_read: cancel request received
scanimage: sane_read: Operation was cancelled

real	0m5.628s at least it thought about it

ok now lets set SANE_DEBUG_EPSON2 to 1

# scanimage > /dev/null
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of epson2 to 1.
[epson2] epson2 backend, version 1.0.124
[epson2] inquiry data:
[epson2]  vendor  : EPSON
[epson2]  model   : SCANNER GT-30000
[epson2]  revision: 1.53
[epson2] e2_set_cmd_level: B7
[epson2] maximum scan area: 28080x40800
[epson2] status: 12
[epson2]  ready
[epson2]  option equipment is installed
[epson2]  support extended commands
[epson2] detection with request_extended_identity
[epson2]  command level   : B7
[epson2]  basic resolution: 600
[epson2]  min resolution  : 25
[epson2]  max resolution  : 9600
[epson2]  max pixel num   : 32752
[epson2]  scan area       : 7020x10200
[epson2]  adf area        : 7020x10200
[epson2]  tpu area        : 0x0
[epson2]  capabilities (1): 0x39
[epson2]  capabilities (2): 0x00
[epson2]  input depth     : 12
[epson2]  max output depth: 8
[epson2]  rom version     : 1.53
[epson2]  model name      : SCANNER GT-30000
[epson2] options:
[epson2]  ADF detected
[epson2] capabilities (1):
[epson2]  page type ADF is installed
[epson2]  ADF is duplex capable
[epson2]  page type ADF loads from the first sheet
[epson2]  push button is supported
[epson2] e2_set_cmd_level: B7
[epson2] maximum supported color depth: 8
[epson2] setting focus is not supported
[epson2] global status   : 0x00
[epson2] adf status      : 0x80
[epson2] tpu status      : 0x00
[epson2] device type     : 0xc0
[epson2] main body status: 0x00
[epson2] CCT model id is 0x00, profile offset 0
[epson2] integrating resolution list (4800-9600)
[epson2] scanner model: SCANNER GT-30000
[epson2]  0 (1): SCANNER GT-30000
[epson2] handle obtained
[epson2] e2_init_parameters: resolution = 25, preview = 0
[epson2] e2_init_parameters: 0x25cc590 0x25ccdc0 tlx 0.000000 tly
0.000000 brx 297.179993 bry 431.799988 [mm]
[epson2] max req size: 131072, line count: 3640
[epson2] final line count is 255
[epson2] e2_set_extended_scanning_parameters
[epson2] using built in CCT profile
[epson2]  specific profile not available, using default
[epson2] global status   : 0x00
[epson2] adf status      : 0x80
[epson2] tpu status      : 0x00
[epson2] device type     : 0xc0
[epson2] main body status: 0x00
[epson2] sane_epson2_start: scanning...
[epson2] adjusted block count: 2
[epson2] e2_ext_read: cancel request received
[epson2] e2_cancel
scanimage: sane_read: Operation was cancelled

stderr attached as a gzip'ed file, stdout as image.pnm

-pete Need to move this thing in to a different room !!!
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