[sane-devel] 64-bit compile (was:Thread code review and testers)

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Mon Nov 7 17:27:58 UTC 2011

Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Unfortunately this trick doesn't make the 64-bit DLL work. Something
> else is wrong.

My previous message was when I compiled for 32-bit only. The 64-bit DLL 
I was using was the 1.0.21 version.

The 64-bit compile against the latest git code doesn't complete. The 
backend make doesn't include "sanei_magic.lo" so the fujitsu object has 
some undefined function calls. It seems this is a byproduct of using 
PRELOADABLE_BACKENDS. I've attached a patch for it.

The resulting 1.0.23 DLL doesn't even find the USB device so maybe 
something is up with libusb. I'll keep looking.
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