[sane-devel] Samsung SCX-4100 support proposal.

Илья Тумайкин itumaykin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 19:44:54 UTC 2011

Hello everyone.

I am a long time Linux user and Samsung SCX-4100 owner. In ancient times
SANE didn't have support for my model or, for exmaple, SCX-4200, so I used
Samsung's binary driver. Now it is incompatible with modern 3.x kernels and
I think it's a turning point for me to drop it in favor of opensource one.
Since SCX-4200 and SCX-4600 are supported by xerox_mfp backend I hope it
will be easier to add support for my scanner too. I send my call to devs to
help me achieve this mission. I have on my side Linux-powered machine,
Samsung SCX-4100, good knowledge of C and willing to make my old flatbed
working. Please guide me through. Where should I start?

Best regards.
Ilya Tumaykin.
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