[sane-devel] Mac OSX Lion Support

Christopher Sawyer christoofar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 12:20:10 UTC 2011

I found this for Mac OSX Lion:  http://bobrost.com/sane/

I found out the hard way that if you drag and drop the "local" folder in Finder, it will delete /usr/local and replace it with the one in the package.   It's better/safer to do all of the install work from a shell.


Copy the contents of "local" into your system's /usr/local directory. If you want to view it in Finder, you may need to open a Terminal and:
	cd /usr
	open .
Depending on what software you have previously installed, you may need to create a /usr/local directory. Otherwise, be careful not to destroy the existing contents of that directory when you copy the SANE files.

You may need to add /usr/local/bin to your PATH. Add this to your ~/.profile
	export PATH=$PATH":/usr/local/bin"
	declare -x PATH=$PATH":/usr/local/bin"

Copy "SANE.ds" into "/Library/Image Capture/TWAIN Data Sources/"

You can now open the Image Capture application to scan. No reboot necessary.
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