[sane-devel] Fujitsu M3091DCd scanner: scanadf: invalid argument

Dave Webb dave.webb8211 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 31 15:01:45 UTC 2011


I can provide more debug information because I did:
user at alpha:~$ export SANE_DEBUG_FUJITSU=128

To me, this is the relevant excerpt:

[fujitsu] scanner_control: start
[fujitsu] scanner_control: function 0
[fujitsu] do_scsi_cmd: start
[fujitsu] cmd: writing 10 bytes
[fujitsu] cmd: >>
[fujitsu] 000: f1 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00                   ..........
[fujitsu] sense_handler: start
[fujitsu] Sense=0x5, ASC=0x24, ASCQ=00, EOM=1, ILI=0, info=00000000
[fujitsu] Illegal request: invalid CDB field
[fujitsu] do_scsi_cmd: return 'Invalid argument'
[fujitsu] scanner_control: error, tries 1, ret 4
[fujitsu] scanner_control: finish
[fujitsu] sane_start: ERROR: cannot control adf, ignoring

The full log is attached.

Kind regards!

Dave Webb
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