[sane-devel] Canon DR-2580C - size recognition problems

Max Voit max.voit+mlsa at with-eyes.net
Mon Oct 31 17:39:30 UTC 2011


I've got some problems with the Canon DR-2580C scanner: It doesn't
recognize the size of the paper(which is Din A4) correctly but cuts off
the bottom.

Setting the size via -x/-y doesn't work, since these values are
reset to the predefined maximums (215, 279).
In sum the front side is missing 1 to 2 cm at the bottom. Additionally
the back side has a y-offset, so it starts about 2-3 cm late and is
therefore missing 3-5 cm.

Another thing is: The back side it slightly rotated even if the
front page is all straight. 

Furthermore: Various(i.e. i tested all possible) combinations of swcrop,
swdeskew and rollerdeskew do not work as expected. Especially deskew
rotates the page (mostly the back side, as this is rotated slightly as
mentioned above) into the wrong direction; so afterwards it's even more
inclined than before.

Still the last thing wouldn't be that a problem to me, since one could
do that via some software after the scan. The main thing is the missing
data at the bottom of the page.

Mostly used scanimage; with different resolutions, modes, parameters
for x,y,t,l and deskew-options. I tested some gui tools as well (though
gscan2pdf seems to be the only one, supporting duplex; it shows those
problems as well):

scanimage --mode Gray --source "ADF Duplex" --resolution 200
--batch-count=2 --batch=s%d.pnm

Version information:

(debian wheezy)

:~$ dpkg --list | grep sane
ii libsane
1.0.22-6                         API library for scanners
ii libsane-common 
1.0.22-6                         API library for
	scanners -- documentation and support files 
ii libsane-extras                         API library for scanners -- extra
ii libsane-extras-common                         API library for scanners --
	documentation and support files
ii libsane-perl
0.03-1+b1                        Perl bindings for the SANE (Scanner
	Access Now Easy) Project
ii  sane-utils
1.0.22-6                         API library for scanners -- utilities

:~$ scanimage -V
scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.22; backend version 1.0.22

:~$ lsusb | grep Canon
Bus 001 Device 046: ID 04a9:1608 Canon, Inc. 

I'd have attached a example scan consisting of front and back side
(50kb each); not sure whether this 'd be ok on this list?

Please let me know what more information would be needful or which
tests i could do. Thanks for any help in advance. 

kind regards,

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