[sane-devel] Fujitsu M3091DCd scanner: scanadf: invalid argument

Dave Webb dave.webb8211 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 31 21:37:52 UTC 2011


I applied your lines and installed the backends again.

The lines are called but the scanner still does not work.
The error message changed slightly.

[fujitsu] sane_start: start
[fujitsu] started=0, side=0, source=1
[fujitsu] update_params: start
[fujitsu] update_params: x: max=10200, page=10200, gpw=10200, res=300
[fujitsu] update_params: y: max=33632, page=13200, gph=13200, res=300
[fujitsu] update_params: area: tlx=0, brx=10200, tly=0, bry=13200
[fujitsu] update_params: params: ppl=2544, Bpl=318, lines=3300
[fujitsu] update_params: params: format=0, depth=1, last=1
[fujitsu] update_params: finish
[fujitsu] scanner_control: start
[fujitsu] scanner_control: adf function not required
[fujitsu] mode_select_auto: start
[fujitsu] do_scsi_cmd: start
[fujitsu] cmd: writing 6 bytes
[fujitsu] cmd: >>
[fujitsu] 000: 15 10 00 00 0c 00                               ......
[fujitsu] out: writing 12 bytes
[fujitsu] out: >>
[fujitsu] 000: 00 00 00 00 3c 06 00 00 00 00 00 00             ....<.......
[fujitsu] sense_handler: start
[fujitsu] Sense=0x5, ASC=0x20, ASCQ=00, EOM=1, ILI=0, info=00000000
[fujitsu] Illegal request: invalid command
[fujitsu] do_scsi_cmd: return 'Invalid argument'
[fujitsu] mode_select_auto: finish
[fujitsu] sane_start: ERROR: cannot mode_select_auto
scanadf: sane_start: Invalid argument
Invalid argument
Scanned 0 pages
[fujitsu] sane_cancel: start
[fujitsu] sane_cancel: finish
[fujitsu] sane_close: start
[fujitsu] mode_select_buff: start
[fujitsu] mode_select_buff: unsupported
[fujitsu] disconnect_fd: start
[fujitsu] disconnecting scsi device
[fujitsu] disconnect_fd: finish
[fujitsu] sane_close: finish
[fujitsu] sane_exit: start
[fujitsu] disconnect_fd: start
[fujitsu] disconnect_fd: finish
[fujitsu] sane_exit: finish

What's going on here?

Best regards

Dave Webb

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