[sane-devel] Canan CanoScan 8400F backend driver

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Thu Sep 1 04:43:49 UTC 2011

Le mardi 30 août 2011 16:34:15 brian at amason.net, vous avez écrit :
> I can tell you for sure the 8400F runs on a GL843 processor. I took mine
> apart years ago in thinking I would be able to develop a driver. I'm
> fairly certain I posted the entire guts of the scanner years ago. Both to
> this list and to other places. But like Allesandro, I haven't the time to
> develop one. I will however gladly test any developing 8400F drivers. I
> mean really test. I will even test the negatives scanner including medium
> format pictures and all. I would also help fine tune some parts of such a
> driver, if necessary.
> The purpose of this scanner was meant to scan and preserve very old
> negatives including a good number of large and medium format negatives.
> Brian

	thanks for the confirmation. One quick test would be to add this device 
in genesys_device.c by cloning the G4050 entry, and add its USB id in 
genesys.conf.in, then compile and run to see what it gives. When doing 
development, I don't do 'make install' for a version I test, I use the 
appended script place in the backend subdirectory to run scanimage (or xsane). 
Read it and edit the line that fits the test you want to do. For instance to 
do a quick 'what if' test I would do a preview.
	In the long run, the usual source of data it to run it under windows and 
record USB activity with UsbSnoop. Then decode it to find how it should be run 
by the backend.

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