[sane-devel] Mustek BearPaw 1200CU Plus: red saturated regular vertical lines in the output.

Alexander Antimonov alexander.antimonov.od.ua at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 19:04:05 UTC 2011

sane-find-scanner: vendor=0x055f, product=0x021c [USB Scanner],

The long story short - see attachments:
linux-photo.jpg - a part of a photo scanned in linux;
windows-photo.jpg - the same part of a photo scanned in windows;

the lines are vertical for the scanner portrait orientation.

To scan in linux I used all available on my system utilities: xsane,
simple scan, scanimage. Resulting output is the same (with red lines)
for all of them.

Firmware: 3 different in size PS1Dfw.usb files: one taken from here 
other two - from a scanner install disk.
No significant difference in the output.

In windows I used TWAIN driver and other software from the install disk
shipped with scanner.

I did not succeed in completely removing the lines by adjusting color
gamma, brightness, contrast, etc. The lines changed their color or
intensity but remained visible anyway. I even see them in a grayscale
output as alternate light and dark lines.

How to make (x)sane output looks more/exactly like output made in

Thank you.

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