[sane-devel] sane-devel Digest, Vol 82, Issue 30

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Mon Apr 30 07:54:54 UTC 2012

Le 28/04/2012 23:53, Brian Paavo a écrit :
> Thank you Stef,
> I have gotten that info from reading the list (thanks to all the 
> contributors!) and one person from our team is investigating 
> (kcleung.sourceforge at gmail.com), it's just new territory to us.  
> Thanks for your thoughts, I'll hope to touch base with gweltas.  If a 
> veteran has the time for producing the new backend then I think that 
> is more than a fair trade for a scanner, just give me an address!  
> Being able to command colour scans, change resolution (fast 75 - 
> slower 2600 dpi is fine for this application), and change scan areas 
> is what we really require for this project, any other functions would 
> be a bonus.  We have an idea of adding UV LEDs so that coastal 
> communities could find petrochemicals near their beaches (like after 
> an oil spill), but we'd need to be able to turn off the scanner LEDs 
> and still scan in order to do that.   I think it's a great project 
> with real-world impact and any help is greatly appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Brian

     75-2400 dpi colour scans doesn't seem hard to achieve. If you feel 
like sending one to me, I think I could add support for it in a couple 
of weeks.


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