[sane-devel] PIXMA: 1 Bit B/W Lineart for pixma_mp150 and pixma_mp810 Subdrivers

Аl Воgnеr sane at ml1104.corr.eu.org
Fri Feb 3 22:35:57 UTC 2012

Am Fr, 03 Feb 2012 22:31:51 CET schrieb Rolf Bensch:


> I just commited 1 bit B/W lineart for all scanners in the pixma_mp150 
> and pixma_mp810 subdrivers to the git tree.

Great, I remember, that Gernot told me, he might code these too some
day for the 9000F. So maybe you can talk about this feature with him.

A preview would be very nice too. Till now I did simply with a script:

convert "$FILE" -monochrome -quality 95 "$TARGETFILE".png

Unfortunately, the 9000F is not available here, so I cannot test.


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