[sane-devel] Acer Vuego 310P

Prof. Leonardo Bercoff labocmo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 21:45:44 UTC 2012

Dear Sirs,

This is my first post here. I own an Acer (BenQ?) Vuego 310 P (parallel)
scanner. I'd hate to throw it away because lack of driver and lack of
parallel port in my notebook. I still use it well under Win98 with and old
notebook. I found SANE project as a possible solution, but there's no driver
for it, even under SANE. I'm Electronics Engineer with enough experience to
open up the device and/or install programs. My main knowledge is under
Windows. Very little experience under Linux (Ubuntu) but enthusiastic about
it. So, I'm glad to help the project to go on to include the way to manage
this scanner under Linux. I understand I'll need a lot of guidance, but let
me say I'm willing to contribute.

Let me know and/or contact with people involved in such a project. If no one
is working on that, then I'll sell or donate the equipment and get new

Thanks a lot.


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