[sane-devel] C++ in sane backend

Ganapati Hegde ganapati.hegde at celstream.com
Thu Jul 5 12:22:31 UTC 2012

Hi ,
We plan to develop a SANE Backend for a scanner device. As part of the
SANE backend we plan to use certain modules which are developed in C++.
Re-use of the these modules will speed up our development. We also plan
to submit this SANE backend to the SANE community for it to be
integrated in future releases of SANE.
But we saw a recommendation to use only ANSI C for the backend as per
the below link 
But this was posted way back in 2006. Does this expectation still holds
good or can we use C++ code and will still be able to submit to SANE
I also saw a question posted @
It mentions about compatibility issues with old c++ compilers. As
mentioned there we looked at the SANE supported platforms.
We plan to support/expect our driver to work for only few latest
versions of these platforms. With this limited expectation do you still
see any issue or can we use c++ in our SANE backend development.


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