[sane-devel] C++ in sane backend

Jon Chambers jon at jon.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 5 21:05:14 UTC 2012


It's a while since I added any SANE code but in my current employment I work 
on a cross-platform C++ library and can confirm in this day and age there are 
still irritatingly noticeable differences between C++ compilers (eg: between 
the various versions of the Microsoft compilers and gcc).

C is definitely more portable.


On Thursday 05 July 2012, m. allan noah wrote:
> "We plan to support/expect our driver to work for only few latest
> versions of these platforms"
> The Sane standard and supporting docs are somewhat dated. I would be
> surprised if anyone was still building sane on IRIX for instance, so I
> see your point.
> However, we have seen many cases of sane being ported to new platforms
> we did not expect (Windows, Embedded Linux ARM). These efforts were
> made easier by sane-backends using only simple C, and not requiring
> lots of external libraries. I daresay, with only a modest effort, you
> could find simple alternatives to your C++ libraries, since a scanner
> driver typically does not involve complex code.
> So, I see no reason to change the rules just yet.
> allan
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