[sane-devel] Completing epson backend deprecation

Claus claus at egehuset.dk
Wed Jun 13 11:23:39 UTC 2012

Bug #313035 (size of TPU)

This problems was on epson 4990 too.

The problem is that the scanners has 2 size of TPU a big and a small.
On the 4990 the difference is infrared scanning which is only working on 
the small.

There is a solution now i en epson2 backend that gives you 2 TPU with 
different size. It is working for the epson 4990 (GT-X800) and for 
GT-X900, which should bee both v700 and v750 (I am not totally sure). I 
have only tested 4990 and I think there is no confirmed  test for the 
GT-X900 - has any one a v700 and v750 please test it, but remember to 
use the git version of sane, I don't think it is in any released version.

Best regards

Den 13-06-2012 01:40, Olaf Meeuwissen skrev:
> "m. allan noah"<kitno455 at gmail.com>  writes:
>>  I seem to recall some cases in the past couple years where we had to
>>  redirect users to the older epson backend, due to bugs with epson2. Do
>>  we feel like these have been resolved?
> There are 17 open tickets on alioth that are assigned to Alessandro, 5
> of which are for coolscan backends.  That leaves 12 for the epson2
> backend.  A number of these affect devices that are fairly recent and
> cannot be expected to be supported by the epson backend.  The following
> tickets are for devices that
>    #312793 Perfection 1650
>    #312913 Perfection 610
>    #313035 Perfection V700
> are supported by the epson backend.  The issue with the V700 appears to
> be in the epson backend as well.
> There are 14 open tickets assigned to Karl Heinz (the last epson backend
> maintainer) with the most recent one opened on 2007-06-21.  I haven't
> looked closely but I don't think there are any for devices not supported
> by the epson2 backend.
> I hope you don't mind that I didn't go through the 110 tickets that have
> not been assigned to anyone ;-)
> That said, all three devices listed above (should) work with the epkowa
> backend (without any non-free plugins).
> Hope this helps,

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