[sane-devel] mustek_usb2 SQ113 Tevion MD 90070

Jan Hauffa jhauffa at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 14:04:08 UTC 2012

Hi Albert,

Am 22.06.12 23:55, schrieb Albert ARIBAUD:
> I'd also like to get this running, as I own a HP ScanJet 4460 which
> sane-find-scanner tells me has a SQ113 as well.

The first step is to identify the firmware of your scanner. In 2008,
Triften Chmil did some research on the HP 4600 [1], which also contains
a SQ113. While the low level protocol was the same as the one supported
by the mustek_usb2 backend, the high level commands were different, so
he wasn't able to reuse much of the mustek_usb2 code. As I've written in
my previous mail, I suppose these commands are not hardwired in the
SQ113, but implemented in firmware.

I've attached a small C program that will dump the status registers of
the SQ113. The last 4-8 bytes usually contain some kind of firmware ID.
For the Mustek BearPaw 2448TA Pro this is "ESCAN01", for the Medion
MD90093 it is "ES03". This corresponds to the name "EasyScan", which is
mentioned several times in the mustek_usb2 source.

The next step is to obtain some dumps of the USB traffic [2] on Windows.
Connecting and disconnecting the scanner (and maybe doing a preview
scan) should be sufficient in the beginning. The USBDumpAnalyzer script
[3] will help you interpret the data. If your scanner uses a variant of
the EasyScan firmware, you'll probably be able to adapt the modified
mustek_usb2 backend I've posted on github [4]. Otherwise, I recommend
you find out how big the differences to the "EasyScan protocol" actually
are - you might be able to work with the mustek_usb2 backend anyway. If
the protocol is too different, your best bet is to create a new backend,
possibly using Triften's hp4600 code [5] as a reference. You should be
able to reuse the low-level functions in mustek_usb2_asic.c and the
boilerplate code in mustek_usb2.c at least.

Best regards,

[2] http://www.pcausa.com/Utilities/UsbSnoop/
[3] https://github.com/jhauffa/USBDumpAnalyzer
[4] https://github.com/jhauffa/sane-sq113
[5] http://www.chmil.org/hp4600linux/
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