[sane-devel] Problem with ADF

Mike Kelly mike at piratehaven.org
Thu Mar 22 05:16:27 UTC 2012

Hi Cecilia,

I recently pushed some changes to the git repository, I'm not sure if
they will help, but please give them a try and let me know if your
scanner is still having problems.

If it is still not working properly, could you send me two log dumps
from the working and non-working versions:
env SANE_DEBUG_AVISION=7 scanimage > avision.log 2>&1

Please send me both log files and I will look at them to see what



On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 01:01:35PM -0300, Cecilia Biolatti wrote:
> Hi Alejandro,
> Sorry for my poor English.
> I have a problem when scanning with source ADF, using Avision 122 scanner .
>  For every sheet the scanner pulls, the rotor goes up and down, causing a big delay.
>  The behavior that has the scanner with the original driver is as follows:
> The rotor goes down, then sucks all the sheets and at the end the rotor goes up.
> Maybe it is doing a reset or something similar which is causing this problem.
> Scanner Model: AV122
> I tested on Mandriva 2010.1 and OpenSuse 12.1.
> I build and install the sane-backends mentioned in previous mail.
> Thanks!
> On Mi? 21 Mar 2012 11:14:02 usted escribi?:
> > I tested "scanimage -b" with Avision 122 Scanner in different versions of
> > sane-backends and behavior is as follows :
> > 	-sane-backends 1.0.21 :  works correctly
> > 	-sane-backends1.0.22 :  works incorrectly
> > 	-development source  :  works incorrectly
> > 
> > Help me please
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