[sane-devel] sane-backends-1.0.22: Lide210 bumps into bottom

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Mon Mar 26 19:06:14 UTC 2012

Le dimanche 25 mars 2012 22:55:00 Peter Hackenberg a écrit :
> Hello,
> I tested the git (20120116) backend:
> The y-range improved. No bump at the end anymore. However, I get a black
> horizontal stripe at the top (scan starts too early) and something is
> missing at the left-hand side (scan starts too late).
> The following settings are optimal (for my scanner) with the
> git-version. I don't know how much tolerances Canon builds in.
>   SANE_FIX (2.2),		/* Start of scan area in mm (x) */
>   SANE_FIX (9.0),		/* Start of scan area in mm (y) */
>   SANE_FIX (216.7),		/* Size of scan area in mm (x) */
>   SANE_FIX (299.0),		/* Size of scan area in mm (y) */
> The 2400 dpi resolution shows a vertical shift with respect to the lower
> resolutions: About 1 mm shifted (starts too late, ends too late).
> My other two issues (scanner not returning to start and A4 as default
> size in preview pane) are unchangend.
> Best regards,
> Peter


	I have checked that my LiDE 110 is working alright. It should have the 
same geometry than the LiDE 210. Could you run a test with the attached 
script. Then send the files in the results/yyyymmdd-hhmmss directory it 
creates ? I would like to compare with the data I have here.

Thanks for your help,
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