[sane-devel] Problem with developing a new backend for Plustek OpticPro ST28

Mohammad-Reza Nabipoor m.nabipoor at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 15:38:12 UTC 2012

Dear Stef,
As you asked me about my data about the scanner, I should say that I guessed most of parameters based on other scanners (espicially ST24)! 
My Idea is that, at first step, enable a rudimentary support of my scanner in SANE, and then change some of parameters to an more appropriate value (if it was necessary). In other word, "Trial and Error".
But SANE does not recognize my scanner (And, unfortunately, now I cannot test (as you said) in debugging mode, because my AC/DC adapter is damaged!, and I should found a new one for it, as soon as possible).
What is your opinion about this method? And can you suggest me a better method? 

And, can you explain more about "Adding device description to the genesys backend is the first step 
to add a new scanner, but only the first one."? (Can you explain other steps?)

And, according to my scanner board:
* It is a GL841-based scanner
* It uses ILX569K CCD. (same as of ST24 (according to the genesys_low.h)).
* It uses L6219 stepper motor driver.
* It uses Wolfson WM8196 Frontend.

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