[sane-devel] (bugreport) sane-backends-1.0.23 compilation QA notice

Paul Newall p.newalls at ntlworld.com
Sat Oct 27 18:11:46 UTC 2012

Yes I guess that calling the unexported function ‘_httpResolveURI’ could 
result in
unexpected behaviour in future.
I was originally using a higher level function from cups but it was writing 
directly to stderr which is a problem for sane.
So I have to find or write some other way of resolving the uri.
I will work on it.

Since it seems that more new devices are being made with their own network 
connection, it might be nice if one day some network scanner autodetect 
functions were added to sanei to avoid repeating the process in many 


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On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 7:37 AM, Mirraz Mirraz <mirraz1 at rambler.ru> wrote:
> Compiling sane-backends-1.0.23 I got this message:
> QA Notice: Package triggers severe warnings which indicate that it may
> exhibit random runtime failures.
> kodakaio.c:2175:2: warning: implicit declaration of function
> ‘_httpResolveURI’

Thanks for the report- this appears to be an internal function in cups
itself, which is not exported. It cannot be used in sane.

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