[sane-devel] Testing Sane + Canon MG6250

Louis Lagendijk louis at fazant.net
Mon Apr 22 16:47:09 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-04-22 at 22:34 +0930, Ashley Arnold wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not really sure how to do this, but the
> http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html page said "Testers needed",
> so here is what I did to get my Canon MG6250 scanner going.
> This is on xubuntu 12.10 64-bit with all current updates as at 13th
> Apr 2013. Here is my xsane version info:
> $ xsane --version
> xsane-0.998 (c) 1998-2010 Oliver Rauch
>   E-mail: Oliver.Rauch at xsane.org
>   package xsane-0.996
>   compiled with GTK-2.24.12
>   with color management function
>   with GIMP support, compiled with GIMP-2.8.0
>   XSane output formats: jpeg, pdf(compr.), png, pnm, ps(compr.), tiff,
> txt
> After installing xsane, initially it wouldn't detect the MG6250 (which
> was on the network via wireless connection). It would look for devices
> and then the process would end.
Is the scanner on the same network segment as your computer? BJNP
detects scanners on the same network segment only (it has to use
broadcasts). If it is and your scanner is not detected, there is most
likely a firewall blocking some of the packets. Check the system log to
seewhich ones. After 1.0.23 I have rewritten the bjnp code to be more
consistent in which ports it uses.
> After reading the man docs and finding the "backend name" for my
> printer is "pixma", I did:
>       * man sane-pixma (seems to be a man entry for each backend)
>         tells you to that network scanners should normally be
>         detected, but if not, add them directly
>         to /etc/sane.d/pixma.conf
>       * Edited /etc/sane.d/pixma.conf and added: 
>         bjnp://<ip_address>
But see comments above.

>       * The sane daemon wasn't running, so I started it manually (a
>         friend of mine running Arch said it was for him...): 
>               * Edited /etc/default/saned and set RUN=yes.
>               * Then started the sane service: service saned start
This is not expected. Saned is normally NOT required for the scanning
over the network to work, but this may be a configuration issue. I only
use scand in combination with scanbd, the scanner button deamon that
requiresd scand for its operation.

>       * Run xsane, it discovered the scanner and worked perfectly.
> The only issue I had is for multi-page documents, it didn't wait
> between pages, but scanned the same page over and over. This might be
> user error and nothing to do with xsane though.
I cannot comment on this as my scanner does not have a page feed. Does
multipage scanning work over USB? If so, I would like t see some
logfiles. I can give you the details on the required settings when you
can confirm that it works right over USB 
> Hopefully this is of use to someone. Again, apologies if this is not
> the forum for this kind of stuff.
Well, it is always usefull to see if BJNP works with new scanners too. I
have only a single scanner available and appreciate any feedback I can

(author of the BJNP stack)

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