[sane-devel] Brother MFC-420CN via USB connection

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Dec 11 15:54:57 UTC 2013


On Dec 11 01:04 Jason H. Fuller wrote (excerpt):
> ... when I actually try to scan I get a
> "Failed to start scanner: Invalid argument"
> error from xsane.

This looks like the other mail here with subject
"Sane problem with Brother MFC J6710DW scanner.",
that reads in particular:
... Brother MFC-J6710DW USB scanner
Starting xsane from the command. It starts, the GUI,
header says: "xsane 0.998 MFC-J6710DW scanner"

The error pops up: "Failed to start scanner: Invalid argument"

The Brother MFC-420CN is at least listed at
for the "brother2" driver/backend but with status "untested".

The "brother2" driver is an external backend for SANE, see

An external backend for SANE usually means that there is no
free source code available so that nobody except those who made
that driver can usually help to debug issues with such a driver.

Perhaps there is documentation how to get debug messages
for the "brother2" driver so that you could at least try
to find out what the root cause could be here.

>From my current point of view I don't think there is an issue
in XSane or in SANE because otherwise there should have been
more such reports and not only for drivers from Brother.

>From my current point of view it looks more like an issue
in the drivers from Brother.

I think you should get in contact with Brother because they
can find out what the root cause is.

Kind Regards
Johannes Meixner
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