[sane-devel] kodak i2000 series driver supported by kodak, but not directly by sane-project?

T E Reisler ter at ihear.com
Mon Dec 16 01:08:07 UTC 2013

I have used sane without problems on consumer-grade scanners. But now I
am about to purchase a relatively expensive scanner.

I am trying to avoid relying on software external to the Debian
distribution in my decision about scanners. The i2000 series is not
mentioned on the sane supported list. I could find no comment on user
experience with the kodak supplied backend. kodak does refer to the sane
project, but one must download and install their driver. Can anyone here
comment on the risk of relying on kodak's sane driver for the i2000
series? (The model I am interested in particular is the i2800.)

If I do decide on the i2800, is the project interested in getting a test
report on the (I assume kodak's) sane backend? Is there something I
don't understand here?

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