[sane-devel] usb connection found, but scanners not identified...

Ilias Miroslav Miroslav.Ilias at umb.sk
Fri Dec 20 15:56:01 UTC 2013

Dear experts,

maybe you can help me, few days I am struggling with lost access to my 2 scanners (Epson SX400 and Cannon MF3010).

I put here some findings, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sane-backends/+question/240955 .

Shortly, "sudo sane-find-scanner" detects these scanners sitting on USB ports, but "sudo scanimage -L" gives no scanner detected.

(Strange that I am getting "could not fetch string descriptor: Pipe error", could it be this the cause ?)

I checked SANE manual, reinstalled packages few times (I am using newest ppa for “sane-backends”), searched internet...

Even when I returned to older (Ubuntu 13.10 default) version of “sane-backends”, the Epson SX400, which was working previously, was not detected...The same symptoms - scanner is detected as device on usb port, but not detected as scanner for real work.

What could be wrong ? What commands shall I check ? Seems the problem is not in newest “sane-backends”, but elsewhere in the system....



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