[sane-devel] usb connection found, but scanners not identified...

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Thu Dec 26 08:50:16 UTC 2013

Ilias Miroslav writes:

> Dear Olaf,
> thanks, you helped me a lot !
> I installed the "iscan + iscan-data" packages from the Epson support
> web-page, and got the (USB-connected Epson) scanner working with
> simple-scan and xsane.
> For the scanner, the lsusb command gives scanner ID of.... Bus 001
> Device 006: ID 04b8:084a Seiko Epson Corp. PX-501A [Stylus NX400].


> Only minor issue remains: Though I put line "usb 0x04b8 084a" into the
> (newly installed) Epson configuration file /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf,

That is not necessary.

> the "sudo sane-find-scanner" command prints error messages, and does
> not show proper ID of the scanner:

I get the feeling that you misunderstand the intended purpose of the
sane-find-scanner command.  If scanimage -L lists your scanner, you have
no need for sane-find-scanner at all.  Seeing that you can use the SX400
with simple-scan and xsane, you are all set.

Don't worry about the NX400 in the output.  Epson (and probably other
manufacturers as well) has a habit of marketing the same device under
different names in different parts of the world.  The database used by
lsusb only knows about PX-501A and Stylus NX400.

Just search the list[1] of devices supported by external backends such
as the epkowa backend for 0x04b8/0x084a and you'll find: PX-501A, Stylus
NX400, Stylus SX400, Stylus SX405 and Stylus TX400.  From a USB device
perspective, these are all the same.

 [1] http://sane.alioth.debian.org/lists/sane-backends-external.htm

> [snip]
> The "scanimage -L " now detects scanner properly:
> device `epkowa:usb:001:006' is a Epson Stylus NX400/SX400/TX400 flatbed scanner

See, the epkowa backend knows about most of the other ones.  But hey, it
the device works, who cares (much) about what the various tools think
they are dealing with and what in printed on your device ;-)

Hope this helps,
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