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Matthias Thon thon.matthias at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 14:18:15 UTC 2013


with the help of Louis, i have found a solution. I had tested with scanbd
-f. An therefore i had no PID File.
After starting scanbd from init.d everything is OK.

Now i can start the action script's by pressing the scan-buttons on my
MG6250. And i can scan manual with scanimage or xsane.

A big "thank you" to Rolf and Louis for there quick and excellent help.

Happy regards

2013/2/7 Matthias Thon <thon.matthias at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> i like to setup scanbd with my Canon MG6250. scanbd -f works and reacts on
> pressing scanner buttons.
> Now i like to use scanimage on this machine. If i load scand and scan over
> the net backend it works. But if i try to start scanbd and setup scanbm in
> xinetd, scanbd will not interruped.
> Then i tryed to send to send a signal:
> kill -s SIGUSR1 interrupts the scanbd. kill -s SIGUSR2 restarts the
> polling.
> But scanbm -d -t0 --signal -a scan does not interrup the scanbd.
> I can't enable the dbus service on my ubuntu 12.10, because it haven't
> systemd.
> Here the output of scanbm and the syslog part.
> regards Matthias
> Terminal:
> sudo scanbm --signal -d -t0 -a scan
> Syslog:
> Feb  7 17:20:10 matze-Satellite-C660 saned[6115]: saned (AF-indep+IPv6)
> from sane-backends 1.0.24git starting up
> Feb  7 17:20:10 matze-Satellite-C660 saned[6115]: check_host: getpeername
> failed: Socket operation on non-socket
> Feb  7 17:20:10 matze-Satellite-C660 saned[6115]: init: access by host
> [error] denied
> Feb  7 17:20:10 matze-Satellite-C660 saned[6115]: saned exiting
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