[sane-devel] support for Canoscan LIDE 80 expected?

stef stef.dev at free.fr
Sun Feb 10 07:38:13 UTC 2013

Le 09/02/2013 20:43, Lorenz Wiedemann a écrit :
> Hello all,
> is there any chance of adding Canoscan LIDE 80 to the SANE backends, so
> it can be used with Ubuntu ?
> This isn't a new scanner... but it would be very helpful to use it as
> it's giving high quality images (under Win XP....).
> lsusb says it has the ID 04a9:2214, GL842 in it (not 841). scanimage -L
> and sane-find-scanner do not recognize it.
> Installing Canon software under Wine / Ubuntu works, but there is no
> scanner/device present to be chosen.
> thank you,
> L.Wiedemann


     since this device is gl842 based (which is so close to gl841 that 
they are treated the same), it can be added to the genesys backend. If 
someone send me one, I'd be able to add it to the backend.
     If someone else who has this scanner available wants to undertake 
this, I'd be glad to help him.

     There is a slim hope it is so close to the already supported LiDE 
60 that the same code could make it work. An interesting experiment 
would be to replace usb id of the LiDE60 in genesys_devices.c and 
genesys.conf.in with the LiDE 80 one, and see how well it behaves.


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