[sane-devel] [plustek] follow-up for Epson Perfection 1250/Photo 64-bit issue

Gerhard Jäger gerhard at gjaeger.de
Tue Feb 12 15:34:49 UTC 2013


On Tuesday 12 February 2013 15:01:50 Paul Menzel wrote:
> I do not see any interesting either in the Simple Scan log file.

I guess this is because nothing interesting would be inside...


> It is very strange that the bug shows up after two scans.

This looks strange indeed...

> Oh, last thing that comes to my mind. Does the problem depend also on
> the resolution? If you take a higher resolution, does the problem start
> to occur earlier or later?
> These are just guesses. So please do not have too high hopes.

... but having a quick look at the code, I'd say this one has never
been written having 64-bit machines in mind. This is exactly why we
have such strange effects.

If we are currently in the management mode, I'd say this applies to
all of the following bug reports:

314021	sane-find-scanner sees scanner but does not recognize it on 64 bit, works fine on 32 bit
304296	plustek: Color problem on amd64
312505	Epson Perfection 1250 works but, after 1-3 scans, it shows 2 vertical bands of different tones.
314019	my scanner has a problem in the 64-bit systems but works fine with the same systems in 32 bit

Maybe same class:
313712	Different colors on the right and the left half of the scan

The Plustek Backend (maybe U12 and plustek_pp) needs to be revised to get rid of
the assumption u_long/long data types are only 32 bits wide.


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