[sane-devel] single line scanner

wally wally at voosen.eu
Thu Jan 3 10:57:00 UTC 2013


i want to use my sane supported flatbed scanner as a ccd single line scanner
for spectroscopy. Therfore i want to disassemble the scanner and position the 
CCD-sensor behind a prisma.

Therefore its necessary to switch off motortransport of the sensor and let 
the CCD-sensor scan continuously  a single line e.g. every second (1Hz)
 Because the CCD-sensor  gets the light to scan from a prisma, its also 
necessary to switch off the lights.

Do you think, such project is possible using sane ?
Do you know a similar effort and/or an url to such a project ?
Any other hint highly welcome. 
thank you 

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