[sane-devel] Canon DR-3010C - Intention to Test

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 11:38:21 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 3:34 AM, Hakan Bayındır
<hakan.bayindir at pardus.org.tr> wrote:
> Hi Allan and all,
> Thanks for the information. I've scanned ~100 pages with the scanner using
> XSane and scanimage with various settings, I'm sharing my findings below.
> I'll try to keep the scanner as much as I can to aid its development and
> testing, so I'd be glad if you can guide me.

Thanks for this effort.

> - Default page size of the printer is set to letter. For A4 it's wide and
> short. A default page size with letter width and A4 length would be better

That would cause the length-based double feed detection to not work
correctly with letter scans. In all the ADF backends I have written,
you must set page-width and page-height before you set the scan
dimensions. I suppose what we need is a config file setting which will
set the default paper size for the backend, so that it can be
localized. I will think about that.

> - XSane is making cropping errors with media smaller than A4. I've scanned a
> set of A5 pages. Before, I got a preview from Xsane and set the margins.
> Right side of the pages are cropped and mirrored to left side. Mirrored part
> was approximately 1cm. Gap between mirrored part and actual left margin was
> also  ~1cm.

This sounds like a bug- please attempt to reproduce this with
scanimage, and send me the command you use, and the image.

> - Length based double feed detection works in XSane. Thickness based didn't
> work, but I'm not sure if XSane enables it or not.

The scanner may not have a thickness sensor- there is no way to detect
that, IIRC.

> - I had to give both X & Y and page-width/length in Scanimage to get an
> accurate scan. I don't know it's expected, but the resulting images were
> literally perfect.

That is expected. These options should also be used in XSANE.

> - Batch mode of the scanimage works as expected. XSane doesn't do blind
> batch if I understood correctly.

XSANE has a page counter, which you can increase to a large number.
But overall, XSANE is not optimized for document scanning. gscan2pdf
works better.

> - Color, gray, lineart scanning works as expected. 600DPI color scans are
> razor-sharp. Greys are well defined and very sharp. Line art is very good as
> well.
> - Scanner seems to can work at its top speed incl. duplex (tested in 200DPI
> Gray scans, pnm output).

This sounds good. We are making the lineart in software.

> - I didn't tried to work with the buttons on the scanner.

That would require an external program to monitor the buttons.
Something like scanbd.

> - I'm not an expert on sheetfed scanners, but requiring to put document
> title-down (rotated 180 degrees) felt awkward a bit. If it's expected, it's
> OK. If not, driver needs some page flipping code.

That is normal. Adding rotation code would slow scanning, because we
would have to buffer the entire image.

> - I was not brave enough to test staple detection, sorry.

It may not work on this scanner anyway :)

> These are all of my findings for now, I can run additional testing if you
> want. Last but not least, I'm a developer so I can try new things if you
> need.

Let's see if we can get the cropping issue you mentioned above worked out.

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