[sane-devel] Problem with ADF on Fujitsu fi-4750c

Mike Wirth mwirth at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 07:52:38 UTC 2013


Succeeded in installing SANE and xsane on an old PowerPC Mac G5 :-)  It
even talks to my Fujitsu fi-4750c for scanning with xsane using the SCSI
card in my G5.  Was able to scan from the flatbed and using the ADF from
page fronts (at least for a single test page).

So far, so,good.  But when I try ADF from page backs or duplex, it starts
to move the paper, but fails with an I/O error talking to the device.
 Can't seem to recover from the error, except by killing and restarting

Probably am making some "pilot errors" using xsane, and should RTFM, but I
need to figure out how to ITFM (Install the Fine Manual :-) first.

Anybody else see this problem?  If so, any suggestions?  If not, any
suggestions on where I should look in the code to start debugging this?


Palo Alto, California

PS: Can document the problem with more details if it's useful.

PPS: The scanner hardware appears to be working fine.  At least it did from
a Win XP machine, using Adobe Acrobat as the scanning app, with standard
Fujitsu drivers.  Duplex multi-page scanning worked fine, although slowly
because of the wimpy PC I was using.
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