[sane-devel] HP7650 (HP5590 back.) scanner works, quality bad - website states "complete"

Daniel Schäfer d-schaefer at gmx.net
Wed Jul 31 17:27:45 UTC 2013

I have an HP7650 scanner which should work out of the box
(see http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html#Z-HEWLETT-PACKARD)
Status: complete

I'm really afraid that I have to say, that this information seems to be 

1. Duplex:
Duplex doesn't work really well as the front and back side of the 
document are stored inside a single file/image. I already read that this 
is because the scanner doesn't expose a "page turned" information.
But I discovered that the information is buried in the image data! The 
right last pixel column is normally black, gray when page is turned and 
white when there is no more document. I have a very simple octave script 
which generates two image files from a single Duplex-ADF image. (I can 
contribute if wanted).

2. Image quality:
Scanning is working fine, but image quality is not useful at all.
It is too bright  I have uploaded a sample image. The squares of the 
paper are hardly visible. With official windows driver this is working!

3. Scan area
The usefull scan area is limited at the left and top side. If i put the 
document right to the borders, the scanned image is missing like 0.3mm 
even with x and y offset settings to 0.

Perhaps I'm missing something, I really hope so.
But if not, please update the website.

Nevertheless, I really appreciate the work
done by the sane and hp5590 developers!
Thanks guys anyway!


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