[sane-devel] sanei usb improvements

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Mon Mar 4 21:07:33 UTC 2013


     here's a patch set to improve sanei_usb to review.
The first 0001-sanei_usb_init-rework.patch move device scanning logic 
from sanei_usb_init() to a new sanei_usb_scan_devices() function. 
sanei_usb_init() keeps only the initialization code. 
sanei_usb_scan_devices() can be called repeatedly to update the device 
list. With this, a backend has to call sanei_usb_init() only once. I 
have separated the device scanning code into several functions (one by 
scanning method) to make easier to read and maintain. sanei_usb_init()  
still calls the new sanei_usb_scan_devices() function to preserve 
current semantics.
     The 0002-add-sanei_usb_exit-function.patch adds a function to 
release allocated resources by sanei_usb_init(). This allow to take care 
of the small memleaks currently taking place.
     The 0003-convert-genesys-backend-to-use-new-sanei_usb-functio.patch 
patch changes the genesys backend to use the new functions.
     And the 0004-improve-missing-test-logic.patch is a small code 
cleanup (merging some if).
     I could test the libusb/libus-1.0 cases, but I couldn't compile for 
OS/2, since I don't have a setup for that.

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